“The Cooperative Executive Management Team, LLC was formed out of a need for farmers to have a knowledgeable and efficient systemĀ  for those that would like to enter into the Hemp industry, to provide supportive services to maximize their land and resources to be able to generate revenue and offer alternative domestic and international markets for agricultural commodities. Through my personal experiences and international travel I decided to also create the Black Farmers Coop for Hemp and the Black Commission for Hemp to ensure that Black Farmers globally have an alternative means of entry into the emerging Hemp market and to create sustainable and economically efficient farms for the beginning farmer to the consumer producers. The Cooperative Executive Management Team, LLC thus puts a collective lens onto the most important industry that fuels the world and its people, agriculture.” – CEMT, LLC Founder and President Davisha L. Johnson

President and Founder - Davisha L Johnson


At the Cooperative Executive Management Team our mission is to provide farmers with sustainable and efficient options for generating revenue and long term growth in the agriculture industry and provide supportive services and alternative solutions for the emerging Hemp industry in the domestic and international marketplace.

We have developed a winning strategy to maximize all levels of the value chain and create a sustainable ecosystem to provide our members with the supportive services necessary for long term growth and success. We have created a system of education, support and collaboration to ensure the success of all of our farmers in the agriculture industry domestically and internationally.

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