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A Black American female is organizing the first Ghana HempTech Conference in Accra this 18th and 19th of December 2020. The Ghana HempTech Conference will focus on education and innovation of the industrialization of Hemp and what that means for Ghanaian farmers, processors, manufacturers and foreign investors. Her company, the Cooperative Executive Management Team, LLC works with black farmers in the United States and Africa on farm management and development, farmer training and education and international agricultural commodities trading.

The founder of CEMT, LLC stated, “With the passing of the Narcotics Control Commission Act 2020 in December of 2019 there was a misguided and overwhelming interest in Ghana around investment in cannabis and the notion that Ghana had “legalized weed”. However, I knew better….being in politics, I have traveled to Ghana three times in the past year and consulted with various Members of Parliament, organizations and farmers and knew that education and policy should be the top priority for local Ghanaians so they know the truth about not only the Hemp plant but the Hemp industry in general and how it is different from Wee.”

The conference will feature panels, presentations and workshops on topics like: "Policy Development", "Manufacturing Hemp", "Soil and Land Use ", "Lab Testing", "Outdoor vs. Indoor Grow" and "Hemp Product Development" to name a few. The conference will end with a private networking reception with exhibitors and samples of Hemp products and speeches from local Ghanaian stakeholders.

“The intent of this event is to educate and inspire Ghana to take the best steps forward into the new term of the President of the Republic of Ghana 2021-2025 and to collaborate with the Diaspora who are experts in this industry. We can include our brothers and sisters from across the Diaspora in this trillion dollar global industry forming in Ghana if we work together”, CEMT founder stated.

The venue has yet to be selected but the interest has already brought inquiries from local Ghanaian farmers, exhibitors and foreign investors from across Ghana, the United States and the United Kingdom. The website for more information on the Ghana HempTech Conference is For media inquiries please contact Maurice Cheatham at +233 54 555 1512 and for exhibitors and sponsors please contact Aboyinga Tahiru at +233 54 773 7721.


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  1. My name is Dacosta Osei CEO ofDivine winners company limited we manufacture company we
    manufacture organics agro product for crop production and livestock production. Please l want to fine out how this conference will help my company. Thanks

    1. Hello Dacosta and thank you for your question. The Ghana HempTech Conference will benefit you as a manufacturer to learn the different forms of manufacturing Hemp products and a chance to network with farmers that will be growing Hemp and the investment opportunities that will be available to you in the Hemp Industry. Our manufacturing Hemp workshop on Saturday afternoon would be the best session for you to attend for you business and all of the sessions will be a learning opportunity on the opportunities in the Hemp Industry. Hope this answers your question and visit our agenda page for description on all our sessions and we hope to see you there!

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