Proposed Conference Agenda

The Conference will feature 10 sessions that will be either Paid workshop (W), Panel (P) or Presentation (PR) so our attendees will have options to chose individual sessions to pay for or join the full conference on Friday or Saturday. Each session will be 45 minutes and start promptly at the top of the hour. Paid Luncheon will be daily from 12 PM – 1 PM and feature our keynote speakers and special guests.

Industrialized Hemp in Ghana will produce food, jobs, clothes, medicine and more......Learn how by joining us!


18th December 2020




8:00 AM – Education on Hemp (Presentation) – This session is an introduction to Industrialized Hemp and the difference between Hemp and Cannabis. This is the most important start to educating the Ghanaian people on the opportunities for Hemp cultivation in Ghana.

9:00 AM – Policy Development (Paid Workshop) – Hemp legislation has been passed in many places around the globe and our policy expert will discuss the legislation that has had long term success and the mistakes that were made by some legislatures and how to move Ghana forward with the best possible outcome for the Ghanaian economy.

10:00 AM – Farmer Risks/Rewards (Panel) – Farmers are the beginning of the process for the Hemp Industry in Ghana but they need to know the risks and rewards with growing and processing Hemp. From off takers to proper testing and working within the law this panel focuses only on educating local farmers on best practices.

11:00 AM – Economic Development (Panel) – the government of Ghana has the responsibility to empower its emerging Hemp farmers and to also understand the implications that the new laws will have on job creation and developing a supply chain for the Industrialized Hemp Industry.

12:00 PM - Paid Luncheon with Keynote Speaker and Special Guests


1:00 PM – Manufacturing (Paid Workshop) – One of the biggest long term gains in the Hemp Industry is with manufacturing. There are thousands of products that can be manufactured utilizing Industrialized Hemp and our experts will share the most successful methods for building manufacturing facilities for Hemp in Ghana.

2:00 PM – Technology in Agriculture (Presentation) – The agriculture industry has developed innovative tools to use to increase the yields, quality and sustainability of crops. This presentation will be on drone technology and how it can be used in the Hemp Industry.

3:00 PM – Cloning/Genetics (Presentation) – The highly scientific procedures used to cultivate Hemp (less than 0.03% THC) begins with an understanding of the science. Have proper genetics and cloning of plants will allow farmers and processors to insure their plants are not confiscated or destroyed and increase the safety of the return on invest.

4:00 PM – Soil and Land Use (Paid Workshop) – Seeing as Industrialized Hemp is not a regular row crop this paid workshop will help farmers and investors understand the proper use of land, soil conditions, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. to produce the best quality plant for the medical and manufacturing industries.

5:00 PM – Hemp Equipment (Panel) – There are more specialized equipment becoming available in the Hemp Industry this panel will have the experts in manufacturing hemp equipment like extractors, diffusers, processors for fiber, etc. so that processors in Ghana are aware of all of the possibilities to processing the Hemp plant.

Education and Training for the Industrialized Hemp Industry should be the focus for Ghana to move forward in this new industry.

Day Two

18th December 2020




8:00 AM – Ancillary Businesses (Presentation) – The Industrialized Hemp industry has a multitude of opportunities for the small enterprise to large scale businesses outside of farming. Learn what types of businesses you can create and never have to visit the farm.

9:00 AM – Lab Testing (Paid Workshop) – In order for Ghana to have proper legislation on regulation for Hemp they must have the plant tested for THC content. This paid workshop will go over the business of lab testing, it’s importance and proper testing and regulations.

10:00 AM – Blockchain Technology (Panel) – One of the most significant advancements of the agriculture industry and the fastest growing demographic of youth care about where their food comes from and this panel will discuss how to use that technology in the Hemp industry and as an educational tool for the next generation.

11:00 AM – Water Systems (Presentation) – Water is one of the most important aspects in setting up the infrastructure plan for cultivating hemp. This presentation will cover the various irrigation systems used in the industry to grow specified plants for certain end users.

12:00 PM - Paid Luncheon with Keynote Speaker and Special Guests


1:00 PM – Medicinal Usage (Panel) – Hear from our expert physicians, scientists, extractors and patients about the medical usage of the Hemp plant and the affects of CBD and the importance to healing.

2:00 PM – Outdoor vs. Indoor Grow (Paid Workshop) – This paid workshop is one of our highlighted events as the abundance of land in Ghana is advantegous for an outdoor grow the truth about the cultivation of Hemp and its purposes will educate farmers on which grow is better for them.

3:00 PM – Investment Opportunities (Presentation) – The Hemp industry has many ways to invest from the stock market, construction, cultivation, transport, processing, etc. and this presentation will cover many of the investment strategies for moderate to large returns.

4:00 PM – Licensing (Panel) – Our panel of policy experts will discuss the opportunities in licensing that should be created in Ghana Hemp Industry to insure that everyone has an opportunity to succeed from farmers to security, equipment, transportation, etc.

5:00 PM – Hemp Product Development (Paid Workshop) – This workshop will feature our special guests from Hempress Farms in the United States. This company has developed a business model for Hemp products from seed to sale and will share their expertise on how to develop products successfully in the Hemp Industry.


18th and 19th December 2020 Accra, Ghana