International Marketplace

Through the strategic planning and experience in international relations CEMT, LLC provides members of our cooperative with the ability to collectively export agricultural commodities in the international marketplace.


Our neighbors to the north have been long standing recipients of agricultural commodities grown right here in the United States importing around $16M annually from Georgia alone. The unpredictable tariffs are affecting farmers across the nation and CEMT, LLC provides relief to our farmers by applying for trade missions through the USDA. 


Our southern family of the Caribbean islands has a long history of agriculture and the island of Jamaica is known for cultivating cannabis. With the new emerging market of the Hemp industry in the United States our southern neighbors have so many opportunities for development of international trade, cultivation of Hemp and processing of our members agricultural commodities.


South America also provides expertise in the agriculture industry and Belize is one of our destinations for international trade and production. The agricultural commodities and the emerging Hemp industry in the United States gives our farmers further opportunities for collective bargaining, education and trade missions to strengthen revenue potential.


There is a unique opportunity for a relationship with the largest agricultural importer on the planet with the continent of Africa. Through our team of experts in international trade and the newly formed relationships with the country of Ghana, CEMT, LLC provides our farmers with tremendous opportunities in agriculture through investment, exporting and production.

Join the International Marketplace

Through membership in our cooperative we will provide you with all of the opportunities to fulfill the needs of millions of people around the world and create sustainable food hubs for the future of our planet. We welcome you to join CEMT, LLC and the Black Farmers Coop for Hemp to have a seat at the table on the world stage.