Black Farmers Coop

The Black Farmers Cooperative is a socially conscious business-to-business and business to government membership organization with a commitment to providing Black Farmers with the resources and action to develop and strengthen the black community globally through:

              -master plans for current farming operations from the beginning farmer to the commercial producer

              -collective commodities exporting in new domestic and international markets

              -sustainable economic environments for building legacies for the black farm family

Membership Opportunities

Farm Site Visit

Our Coop farm members receive a farm site visit with any annual membership level. The farm site visit includes a professional aerial site survey with photos and video, a consult for inclusion in agro-tourism with the state of Georgia, a SWOT analysis of your farm site and a comprehensive strategic plan for domestic and international agri-business solutions.

Farmers Coop

The Black Farmers Coop has three Annual Membership levels for the beginning farmer, intermediate farmer and commercial farmer. The beginning farmer has less than 50 acres, has a small farm enterprise or wants to gain a revenue stream for their existing farm site for newly acquired farm land. The intermediate farmer has an existing working farm less than 100 acres and wants to gain revenue strategies and investment models to sustain, revise and or scale up their farm site. The commercial farmer has more than 100 acres, or operates an existing working farm with more than 100 acres or has a ranch that are all looking for increased revenue potential in the domestic and international marketplace.

Farm Vendors

Our Farm Vendors can sign up for an Annual membership in order to have access to our farm coop members, get discounts to events and training, workshops and opportunities to access or global job board network to post jobs, needs and business updates. This membership gives our vendors access to a network of  international businesses all looking to move the farm community forward.

Affiliate Member

The Affiliate Annual Membership is for non farmers and non business owners to access the products and services that our coop provides through our farmers, partners and black commission. You receive access to a database of preferred vendors, our monthly newsletter for events and updates, discounts to select events and inclusion to our CEMT, LLC Affiliate business network for access to our global community.