The Coop


Collective bargaining has been at the forefront of the United States economy since it's creation. Black Farmers are at a decline and were said to be all but wiped out by 2012. However in 2019, we are still here and more powerful than ever with our team at CEMT and our community partners and collaborators we are setting the tone for the future of the Black Farmer with our collective voice.


The Cooperative Executive Management Team provides Black Farmers with business-to-business and business to government opportunities with a commitment to providing Black Farmers with the resources and action to develop and strengthen their master plans for current farming operations from the beginning farmer to the commercial producer, collective commodities exporting and trade in new domestic and international markets and creation of sustainable economic environments for building legacies for the black farm family.


The Cooperative Executive Management Team has partnered with these companies to ensure the economic stability and sustainable growth of the Black Farmer.

Vekter Management, LLC

Vekter Management provides our farmers with the technology needed for the understanding of our farmers full capacity. This addition to our Coop will provide the next generation with the ability to use their skills in technology on the family farm and by providing career paths to our youth. 



Cannabis South, LLC/International

Cannabis South, LLC/International is a Cannabis and Hemp company that provides education and experience in research and development, cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis and hemp products for domestic and international sales.

Manchester Global & Associates

Manchester Global & Associates is a Washington, D.C. based company that specializes in foreign affairs, government relations, investment strategies and economic development. They will provide our farmers with the expertise to enter the international marketplace.