CEMT Training

Farm Business 101

Farm Business Development

We at CEMT provide an extensive farmer training that covers various topics related to agriculture from finances/accounting, revenue generation models, Industrialized Hemp policy and regulations, basic growers training, job creation, manufacturing, branding/marketing, etc. Some of our farmer training events (pictured above) covered international trade, exporting to the US market, Hemp Basics 101, Hemp Industry in Africa and more. Sprout Africa is our newest global partner to provide training to our farmers on the basics of a farm business. This training will be online in modules that can be watched over the phone or computer and in person training will be planned for early 2022.

Youth Drone Training


Hemp Education and Policy

HempTech Conference

CEMT has worked since inception in 2018 to connect black farmers globally and the Inaugural Ghana HempTech Conference event came on the heels of a trip to Ghana in March 2019 and a conversation with the Hemp Association of Ghana in late 2019 for us to know what needed to be done to move Ghana forward in the Hemp Industry. CEMT thus created the HempTech Conference to educate the Ghanaian people on policy, business, technology and the future of agriculture in partnership with local Ghanaian farmers, business owners, members of Parliament, etc.  The recent law that passed in Ghana and the recent interest around the Year of Return as well as the work of our sister company DLJCA, LLC through the Ghana Investment Tour we have assembled a network built in Ghana for this type of event on the true and sustainable ideas around the Industrialized Hemp industry. Following the HempTech Conference CEMT has no begun a monthly podcast with government officials in Ghana to talk to farmers about the Hemp Industry in Ghana and to prepare farmers to grow Hemp in early 2022.

*We have 7 other countries slated to host similar events throughout Africa until 2025 including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Lesotho and Nigeria.